List brokerage is a lot like your 401K. The money you put into it is viewed as an investment for your future, and the sooner you start to see a return on that investment, the better.

Just like investing in financial markets, the key to success in any effective fundraising campaign is donor research, comprehensive analysis, and strategic risk management. At KAP, we act as your broker by undertaking these critical tasks, applying our strategic expertise, and reporting back to you through clear, insightful list plans and campaign analysis. Our predictive analysis and algorithms give you the highest degree of confidence that your program will deliver the results you expect.

At KAP we understand the dynamic relationship between all aspects of your organizational strategies, donor programs, and fundraising goals and targets.

We help you by broadening your list universe and simultaneously narrowing your segmentation to the most cost-effective prospects because choosing the right audience is the foundation to any successful campaign.