Service + Solutions = Success. On paper it’s a simple formula. But in practice it’s what sets KAP apart from the competition.

KAP aims to be the premier acquisition partner for our clients in the non-profit industry. By leveraging our core competencies of direct response list brokerage and list management as well as our extensive industry experience and our culture of innovation and discovery, we are positioned to deliver the most appropriate and rewarding donor acquisition opportunities to non-profits.

Unparalleled Service. Our reputation rests on our ability to meet or exceed your expectations each and every time. We take pride in our track record of consistently delivering on the promises we make. And when you need answers, we have them.

We don’t believe our role stops at recommending lists and placing orders. Instead we involve ourselves with your program in as many ways as possible. We are pro-active problem solvers and we deliver more value to our clients by taking a holistic approach toward your fundraising efforts.

Our goal is not to be the biggest list broker in the nation, but to be the best. Data analysis is critical, but in our business near-perfect execution of the strategy is equally important. To accomplish this we assign only senior staff to our accounts. Our list plans and budgeting are never performed by a junior level person – or a computer model. Your program is too important to be delegated.

Innovative Solutions. While our core business continues to be direct mail list brokerage and list management, we also offer digital solutions and other traditional and evolving channels. Our core value to clients lies in our ability to help you navigate today’s fragmented array of donor touch points to reach the right prospects and optimize your prospecting budget.

KAP is agnostic to both data source and channel utilization. Simply put, this means our loyalty is solely to our clients and we are unbiased in our ability to find the most appropriate solutions for your particular needs.

There is no “cookie-cutter” approach when you work with us. A hallmark of our approach is to listen to your challenges before trying to craft a solution. Then we collaborate on evaluating your current acquisition performance, strategic planning, idea incubation, establishing testing structures, and sharing industry trends. While we’ve identified millions of new donors for our clients, we never forget that each donor and each client is an individual with different expectations and needs. You’ll always receive a first-class product.