It’s common knowledge that we live in a digital world. People share opinions and experiences, conduct purchase/donation research, and appreciate the easy access to information the web offers. So while the death of direct mail has certainly been severely over-blown, it is true that charities must operate fluidly in a multi-channel environment.

As we embrace this reality, KAP realizes there is a fine line between trying to provide all the services a client can imagine under one roof, and being world-class in the services that are core to our abilities. With this in mind, KAP has chosen to focus on our core competencies of donor acquisition, direct mail, and insightful audience segmentation and media buying.

At the same time, we are valued by our clients as a resource in sharing our experiences of the best-fit direct mail agencies, strong production vendors, eloquent copywriters, and the best digital solutions for non-profits.

If you’re looking to take your digital fundraising, lead gen, or advocacy programs further, we highly recommend you reach out to KAP.